Board of Trustees


Michelle Denoyer, Trustee Edward Jones Financial Advisor
Lauren Koszola, Trustee Director of Recreation, Channahon Park District 
Ronald D. Lehman, Trustee Commissioner, Channahon Park District
Retired Principal, Minooka Community High School 
Raymond McSteen, Trustee Attorney, McNamara Phelan McSteen, LLC 
Michael F. Rittof, President Regional Vice President, First Secure Community Bank
Scott Slocum, Vice-President Program Director, WJOL-AM Radio, Village of Channahon Trustee 
Chuck Szoke, Trustee Retired Executive Director, Channahon Park District 
Chad Uphoff, Trustee Principal, Channahon Junior High School 
Brenda VanAsdlen, Trustee Yoga Alliance E-RYT Instructor and Personal Trainer Detox/Nutrition 


Honorary Trustees

George Barr
George A. McCoy


2023 Strategic Plan Initiatives

Building a bridge from past successes, this plan establishes a road map for the Foundation to advance its mission to provide opportunities for the preservation of open space and the development of recreational resources within the Channahon Park District. Our goal in developing and implementing this plan is that the Foundation will continue to build a presence in the community, operate efficiently and raise funds for projects that will add value to the Channahon community for many years to come.


INITIATIVE #1: Cultivate a pipeline of talent that can fulfill the Foundation’s mission and assure its continuity and success.

Objective: To target and recruit Foundation members to create a Board with a well-rounded set of skills that can contribute to fulfilling the Foundation’s mission.

  • Prepare a handout for Board members to give to potential Board members that define the role of Foundation Board members and any officers of the Board, expectations etc. and other ways to support the Foundation.
  • Each Board member personally reaches out to 1-2 potential candidates for Board member to generate awareness and interest.


INITIATIVE #2: Develop an efficient, cost-effective infrastructure to support Foundation Growth.

Objective: To create a Board structure that can effectively support an increase in fundraising efforts.

  • Keep the quarterly meetings to 1-1.5 hours max to address time constraints of members.

Objective: To identify additional resources to provide administrative and operational support to the Foundation.

  • Complete set up of the donor tracking software, Neon One, for Foundation Board member use.
  • Explore the potential for hiring a grant writer to help identify and apply for grants.


INITIATIVE #3: Develop a philosophy and framework to guide identification and prioritization of Foundation projects.

Objective: Set clear philosophy and process for funding projects and initiatives.

  • Twice annual meetings with the Park District Board to review Foundation supported projects in progress; make any new changes; consider additional projects to support.
  • Annually review a list of Park District projects that need funding and for the Foundation Board to consider for its next funding project.
  • Develop a budget for support activities needed for each project.
  • Create a matrix or diagram to use as a tool to evaluate/prioritize projects that should be considered for Foundation funding that considers:
    • visibility of project
    • impact on the community, number of people served
    • ability to generate sufficient interest to potential donors
    • availability of other potential sources of funding
    • ability to partner with outside groups
  • Brainstorm ideas with Foundation members and Park Board to identify potential hidden funding sources and how to access them.


INITIATIVE #4: Identify and implement new fundraising opportunities.

Objective: To identify new fundraising opportunities to maximize Foundation revenues.

  • Explore use of technology- based fundraising i.e., GoFundMe pages.
  • Explore the feasibility of an annual appeal.


INITIATIVE #5: Enhance community awareness to drive increased support and engagement.

Objective: To conduct personal outreach to build support for the Foundation and its fundraising efforts.

  • Host coffees or other get togethers to advocate for Park District and Foundation causes, i.e., referendum support.
  • Park District’s public awareness program should include Foundation’s upcoming events.

Objective: To develop effective marketing campaigns with the Park District that bring awareness, educate and create a call to action.

  • Enhance website
  • Develop and distribute a periodic newsletter/annual report.


INITIATIVE #6: Identify and implement new fundraising opportunities.

Objective: Foster a partnership of collaboration, communication and mutual trust with the Channahon Park District.

  • Host joint Board meetings annually/semi-annually with Park District Board to share efforts/successes and project planning.
  • Have a Foundation Board Member attend Park District Board meetings one-two times a year to give updates on Foundation.
  • Develop a Memorandum of Understanding with Park District.


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